Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i'm really getting married

So I bought a wedding ring today. Actually, Maggie's family bought me a wedding ring today.

A word of warning to all my friends getting married soon: jewelry stores are strange places. You pay lots of money for rocks that you wear.

But my ring looks good. I mean, it's yellow. And round. And shiny. And it fits on my finger.

I'm not used to rings though. Now I think my hands look super-girly. It's true, I don't have super hairy man-hands, so a piece of gold on one of my fingers makes me look fragile.

And plus, I have massive knuckles. They look more like bulbous growths on my fingers. Twice they put a ring on my finger that was too small. When I took it off, I thought my knuckle was going to slip out of place or that I would just have to buy it because it was on my finger and they couldn't get it off.

Oh the joys of getting married...

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