Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i'm really getting married

So I bought a wedding ring today. Actually, Maggie's family bought me a wedding ring today.

A word of warning to all my friends getting married soon: jewelry stores are strange places. You pay lots of money for rocks that you wear.

But my ring looks good. I mean, it's yellow. And round. And shiny. And it fits on my finger.

I'm not used to rings though. Now I think my hands look super-girly. It's true, I don't have super hairy man-hands, so a piece of gold on one of my fingers makes me look fragile.

And plus, I have massive knuckles. They look more like bulbous growths on my fingers. Twice they put a ring on my finger that was too small. When I took it off, I thought my knuckle was going to slip out of place or that I would just have to buy it because it was on my finger and they couldn't get it off.

Oh the joys of getting married...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

the parable of the young man

There once was a young man who traveled off to far and distant lands, expanding his horizons, learning new things, meeting fascinating people, and acquainting himself with the ways of the world.

Then, in accordance with custom, that certain young man returned to his home, his family, to bring tidings of the wider world. "Hark!" the young man proclaimed, "There is more to this world than I was ever taught. Some things that I once thought were right I now see as I wrong. I have learned that love is stronger than hate, cooperation more vital than competition."

But that young man's words fell on deaf ears in his homeland. That young man's family turned their heads at his education and experience. The young man had re-entered that world from which he came, and found that he didn't recognize it anymore. And that young man wept bitterly and departed his ancestral home as a very old man.