Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's get ethical

Five hours of studying Christian Ethics makes your head spin. And the funny thing is, I don't feel that much more ethical. I could bore you to death with terms like "nonmalificence" and "autonomy," but do I really know how to apply those to my life?

It's also strange to talk about clergy/penitent relationships. Where do I draw the line? What does the phrase "the seal of confession is morally absolute" mean? Because wouldn't it be more moral to alert the authorities if somebody confessed their intention to commit a future crime that would harm somebody? But if I do that, what kind of precedent am I setting? What does that do to other people who may want to confess something to me? Without that seal of confession in place, you just cannot be honest with yourself and with your Creator.

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  1. Regarding"Lets Get Ethical" A short poem I recently wrote

    Morality-friend or foe
    it follows you, you know
    wherever you go
    You can't fight it
    so let it be
    It ties you in chains
    but it also sets you free
    We are all bound by it's borders
    but liberated by its power.